Friday, June 8, 2012

Day One Testing

Untitled from Dan Goldberg on Vimeo.

A. Power Clean, build to a 1RM
262lb - 3 failed attempts, super close, gave myself 256

B. Power Clean @ 90% 1RM from part B - AMRAP in 8 minutes, drop each rep
231lb for 26 reps

C. 15,12,9 rep rds for time ALL OUT:
Power Clean - 115lb
Burpees - regular standard, chest to floor, completely vertical @ the top, arms overhead
*Goal is sub 2:30 min
Time 3:07

Shoulder was tight in the warm up so I decided to peal myself off the ground for every burpie, strict pushups might have gotten me a faster time...paced a little too slow as well
Did not feel strong today for Oly Lifting, did a tone of heavy cleans 48 hrs before

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