Monday, July 8, 2013

Travel Week...the CrossFit Competitors Cert. in Park City was awsome

build to a tough touch n go Squat Snatch triple - 200 w/out wrist is totally better so I am going to start using straps for the heavy snatch work from now on and leaving them off for the stamina/skill work
EMOM for 15 mins:
5 Power Clean @ 175lb
5 Lateral Barbell Burpees
*Stop of time to complete passes 30 sec Done- almost killed me - horrible diet in Utah and doing this at altitude was not easy 
200 KBS @ 24kg for time (perform 50 DU's everytime you break) this did kill me 18:18 - felt terrible

10 x 1 min AD @ 90%/1 min AD @ 50% - This killed me - went out too fast - again, diet and travel ruined me - 90% started at 550 watts (mistake) and I fell apart by the middle - 303 Cal.... 50 cal less than my best 20 min effort 

A. Back Squat, quickly build to a tough single 395 - it was tough so  I stopped, previous best 405 High Bar 
B. Airdyne, 10 sec ALL OUT per min for 6 mins - 64 Cal. not bad 
C. 3 x 3 min sets @ high effort:
30 Wall Balls - 20#
15 Power Snatch @ 95lbs
AMRAP Step Down Box Jumps - 24" in remaining time
3 min rest b/t sets
29-26-27 box Jumps 
Video from last round

I have found a video solution - expect plenty 

For time:
2k Row
500 DU's
3 mile AD

previous best 39:23.....TODAY 24:44 Rowed Faster 7:00 instead of 7:15 - Double Unders way faster 40 at a time instead of 25 (shoulders didn't burn at all, last time I thought they were going to fall off)- Bike Way faster (average 220-276 Watts instead of 150-180)...Last score of 39 min was an example of pacing way too slow but I guess I am more fit today as well

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